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We've all been there. There's a sprig of parsley and three chicken cutlets in the fridge. But all you crave is...butter. So what do you make for dinner?

Here to answer that question is GoJee, a new website that aggregates interesting, quality recipes from top food blogs, for easy searching based on what you've got on hand and what you're in the mood for.

To get started, type as much information as you want into the boxes labeled "I crave," "I have" and "I dislike" (which would be a good place to mention your sesame-oil allergy and aversion to olives). GoJee then generates a list of recipes that address your wishlist, along with hunger-inducing photos.

Our parsley-poultry-butter search, for instance, yielded ideas ranging from crunchy garlic chicken to lemony chicken pot pie with parsley-biscuit crust.

You can easily tag and save recipes for later, and you can even link up a grocery store reward card--GoJee will track your purchases and make meal suggestions accordingly.

Your inspiration to cook might never wane again.

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