Everyone has secrets. Lucky for you, those embarrassing beauty ones (like the time you bleached your teeth at the office) are increasingly becoming a bit more PC.

Here, the primping tricks everyone is surreptitiously using.

Brow Gel Got a case of unruly brows? We?re pretty obsessed with Eyeko?s new brow gel ($24), which tames stray hairs with a ?nano? brush and then coats them in keratin for a full, healthy look.

Airbrush Makeup This is not the stuff of tanning salons: Mist your face with Aero Minerale?s Hydrating Mineral Bronzer ($20) for flawless skin that looks sun-kissed. The aerosol spray works much like the airbrush tool a professional makeup artist might use, though with less pomp and circumstance.

Biotin We?re generally dubious of anything that promises ?instant hair growth,? but biotin (i.e., follicle food) is a natural supplement that really works (trust us). Plus, unlike snake-oil products, it?s actually recommended by legit hairstylists.

Lip Plumper While nobody wants a collagen overload à la Lindsay Lohan, faking your way to fuller lips (nonsurgically) is nothing to be ashamed of. DuWop?s Lip Venom gloss ($16) naturally enhances your pout using essential oils of ginger, cinnamon and wintergreen.

See, that wasn?t so humiliating.

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