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We love iTunes for its intuitive organization and playlists, Grooveshark for its instant access to any song and Pandora for its ability to discover new music. So naturally we're over the moon for Spotify, which combines all of these elements in one easy-to-use service.

Think of the Swedish streaming site--just launched in the States, to much excitement--as your all-access pass to pretty much every song ever. Once you join you'll be prompted to download the program. Then you can begin searching for and listening to music from a library of over 15 million tunes.

But while you can certainly listen song by song, we like creating playlists--say "Sunday Barbeque" or "Ultimate Lady Gaga"--which can be saved for later, tweaked any time and shared with other Spotify users. You can also discover new music, thanks to the crowd-sourced related artists feature.

While you can request an invite for limited, free access, we recommend springing for the $10-a-month premium membership which, aside from bypassing the invitation process, gives you unrestricted, commercial-free streaming, high-fidelity listening and the ability to access songs via a mobile device.

Consider it the easy makeover for your summer soundtrack.

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