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Good job, America. According to a recent study you’re now drinking more water and less soda than ever before. But admit it: A part of you is totally bored by your giant Brita and its endless cycle of refills.

One way to bust your rut--and up the taste in the process--is by infusing your water, i.e., flavoring it with fruits, herbs and really whatever else you can find in the kitchen to give it a little kick.

We recently snagged this handy infuser bottle ($15) and started experimenting. (You can, of course, steep ingredients directly in water, but an infuser speeds up the process and keeps concoctions pulp-free.)

We began simply enough by chopping some strawberries, sticking them in the bottle’s inner filter, filling the surrounding area with water and refrigerating the whole thing for 30 minutes. Voilà: Strawberry water.

Then we got fancy. Combinations like apple-cardamom, ginger-mint, pear-lemongrass and blueberry-bay leaf were all big hits, as was a simpler spa-ready lemon-cucumber.

Prefer a less G-rated beverage? All of the above combinations would work equally well with vodka in place of water. Just be sure to use a quality brand and infuse for as long as it takes to get the right flavor (anywhere from a few days to two weeks--taste frequently).

Either way: À votre santé!

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