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Kerry Larkin couldn?t choose between her two great loves: quilting and storytelling. So, much like the creator of the spork or the designer of culottes, she decided not to decide.

And thus Comma Workshop was born.

Operating out of Boulder, Colorado, Comma Workshop offers up gorgeous, machine-washable cotton quilts with original poems or stories stitched directly into them. From afar, each quilt might look like a crafty-cool bedspread. But up close you can really see and read the poems--the quilters even highlight a few poignant stanzas in a different color.

Most of the text, which is written by Larkin or one of her poet friends, addresses themes of adventure and nature. But depending on which passages they embroider, the quilts can take on totally different meanings. Our favorite is ?Rain Comes Down Like Arrows? (from $890), which uses beautiful free-form cursive to convey the joys of a mountain rain. (This is Colorado, after all.)

Think your own writing/favorite poem/wedding vows would make better source material? Larkin is happy to craft a custom quilt on your behalf ($1,075 to $2,975, depending on size and font). Just remember: Whatever passage you choose just might become your permanent bedtime reading.

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