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After years of leaving late-summer barbeques covered in mosquito bites, you've finally learned to slather yourself in bug spray.

But if you're worried about the side effects of traditional repellents--long-term exposure to DEET can prove toxic, plus nobody likes smelling like a Girl Scout--we've found a few all-natural (and effective) ways to keep the buzzers at bay.

Before heading outdoors, apply Farmaesthetics' Tansynella Bug Screen ($18) to exposed skin. The subtle, sweet-smelling oil--made in Rhode Island--contains proven bug deterrents like eucalyptus and rosemary oil, and works just as well as the sticky, drugstore versions you're used to. We also like Real Purity's herbal insect repellent ($14) for its no-hassle spray bottle and lemon-lavender notes.

Once you've ventured into the treacherous wild (or your patio), keep mosquitoes away with a lovely tableau of Yankee Candle's Conceal tea votives ($10) which repel bugs sans chemicals or citronella. Or, for a sneaky DIY option, spritz the air around you with Listerine--its primary ingredient, eucalyptol, is kryptonite to bugs.

But should you end up with a few nasty bites, relieve the itch (and the swelling) with Burt's Bees all-natural calamine alternative ($3). And whatever you do: don't scratch.

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