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Soup for the Flu
Hot-and-sour shrimp soup; photo courtesy of Eric Wolfinger.

Extra, extra: Everybody has the flu!

Before you go into a downward spiral of sniffling self-pity or angry accusations (there?s an app for that, apparently), try a remedy your grandma would approve of: a bowl of soup.

Here, a few types to get for yourself or send to a bedridden pal.

Chicken Noodle Order Spoonful of Comfort?s simple small-batch recipe by the 64-ounce jar ($34) or go for the full-on Flu-Fighter Package ($60), which includes a cozy blanket and comfy socks.

Matzo Ball It?s comforting, delicious and a pain in the tuchus to make yourself. We suggest ordering your matzo balls from the experts--Zabar?s in Manhattan ($9 for four balls).

Spinach Avocado Don?t let your illness ruin that New Year health kick. Organic Avenue?s spicy avocado soup ($8 for 16 ounces) is packed with luteins and folate (i.e., ingredients for a healthy heart). And at 134 calories, it?s guilt-free to boot.

Hot-and-Sour Clear those sinuses the natural way with an easy-to-make hot-and-sour shrimp soup recipe from acclaimed Vietnamese chef Charles Phan. The soup tastes impressively complex but uses fewer than a dozen ingredients. In other words, you?ll have plenty of room in your shopping bag for the Kleenex.

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