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From poolside vacations to ice-cold beverages, summer is all about H2O.

But in light of nationwide heat waves and worldwide water shortages, it's also important to continually find new ways to learn, save and give back.

Learn Bestselling author Charles Fishman's new book, The Big Thirst, takes readers on a journey from the wet moons of Saturn to the lavish fountains of Las Vegas hotels, all while deftly exploring our complex relationship with water. For extra credit add Flow, an award-winning documentary about the global water crisis, to your Netflix queue.

Donate We love the non-profit, charity: water, which works to bring clean drinking water to developing nations where diseases from unsafe water kill more people every year than all forms of violence. Giving just $20 works towards saving an entire community. For double duty, kick your bottled water habit and donate to worthy organization WaterAid by buying a chic, light S'Well drinking bottle ($35).

Conserve Did you know that reserving wash cycles for full loads can save you up to 1,000 gallons of water a month? Or that less-frequently mown grass retains more moisture and requires less watering? Get more conservation tips at And enjoy happy, responsible hydration.

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