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You have a stylist to keep you chic, a trainer to get you buff and a swarm of high-profile designers begging you to borrow their duds: It must be nice to be a celebrity.

But while you?re probably not going to grace the cover of Us Weekly anytime soon, you can test-drive jewelry like the stars do, thanks to the new subscription service RocksBox.

Yet another company positioned as the ?Netflix of _____,? RocksBox stands out from the pack due to the fickle nature of fashion jewelry, i.e., you might want to try a trendy look without committing to it.

Upon signing up for the $19-a-month service, take a quick survey to establish your preferences and dislikes. (We, for instance, would sooner die than wear a choker.) Next, RocksBox sends a curated selection of three designer baubles that you can keep (and wear) for up for 60 days or return anytime for new pieces. Fall in love with your bling? You can always buy it at 20 percent off retail.

With participating designers ranging from the poppy Lucas Jack to Victorian punkster Amy Fox, there?s no shortage of looks to explore.

And with Valentine?s Day right around the corner, the time is nigh for pointed hinting.

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