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You don?t need us to remind you that winter comes with congestion, infections and a host of other undesirables. Our coworkers are sniffling, our elevator mates are coughing, and we?re constantly searching for ways to avoid the dreaded symptoms of the season.

While we?re somewhat skeptical of the medicinal benefits of specific foods--say, that beet juice effects cancer cells or carrots single-handedly improve eyesight--we do welcome tasty remedies for a scratchy throat or stuffy nose.

For a portable immune booster, pop Chimes Ginger Chews ($3), which are honestly good enough to snack on even when you feel fine. Alternately, try Jeni?s Influenza Sorbet ($12), which soothes a sore throat with a frozen dose of bourbon, honey, ginger, and orange and lemon juices. Booze meets sorbet? You don?t have to twist our arm.

If nonalcoholic beverage antidotes are more your style, Organic Avenue Royal Red Juice ($9) is a sweet way to stifle sniffles. Packed with antioxidants and natural flavors (think pineapple and ginger), it?s a major upgrade from artificially sweetened cough syrup. Or go for tart elderberry juice ($15), which has long been used in folk medicine to cure aches and pains.

We may never know if these things really ward off germs, but it certainly feels better to know we?re trying.

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