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JOMO Is the New FOMO (but Soooo Much Better)

We’re well-versed in FOMO (you know, the fear of missing out), but if we’re being totally honest—we don’t actually experience the emotion very often. In fact, we’re more likely to feel the exact opposite.

Enter JOMO, aka the joy of missing out (and the antithesis of FOMO). We first heard about it from one of our PureWow 100 honorees Callie Schweitzer, and it’s basically being perfectly happy in the knowledge that you’re missing out on something because you’d much rather be home by yourself anyway. (Because, sweatpants amirite?)

And it doesn’t just apply to your Saturday night plans (or lack thereof). You might also get serious JOMO when you take a break from social media for a while or—gasp—your Wi-Fi cuts out.

So next time you’re home watching Netflix while your friends are out on the town, don’t even think about checking the ’Gram. Instead, bask in your JOMO-ness, pour yourself another glass of wine and congratulate yourself on practicing some well-deserved self-care.

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