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As winter’s deep chill, numbing sleet and slushy sidewalks become increasingly difficult to ignore, we can’t help but wonder about the fate of our most prized possessions: our shoes.

One sole-saving option: Wear our ugliest galoshes everywhere for the next few months. A better one (we think): Invest in a pair of Grace Carter shoe covers.

At first glance these water-resistant slipover booties might look a little blah, but you have to take into account that they enable you to wear your most fabulous heels no matter how awful the weather might be.

The covers fit a variety of toe shapes and heels (2.5 to 5 inches) and--thanks to a back zipper and nonporous four-way stretch fabric--slide over pretty much every style of pump or small bootie. The sole is made from slip-proof rubber grips (you can run in these things--we tried), and when you’re ready to go inside, the covers pack flat inside a tiny pouch. You can even give them a wash, should they become caked in rock salt.

At $90 to $95 a pop, the covers don’t come cheap. But just think of all the money you’ll save on repairing your favorite stilettos.

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