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In our appearance-obsessed culture, it's easy to forget that the way you feel about your body actually affects your health (as well as your ability to pull off sleeveless dresses)., a new website from celebrity doc Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizin (the Cleveland Clinic's "Chief Wellness Officer"), explores the connection between health and looks--or, dare we say, inner and outer beauty--in an informative and interactive fashion.

We love the site's expert-written, enlightening and myth-busting articles, like pieces about the truth behind stretch marks and the science behind how Casey Anthony's looks may have affected the outcome of her trial.

But we're also impressed by the series of online quizzes designed to measure your body attitudes and practices and, in turn, bring you pertinent research and action steps. We took a skin-care quiz, for instance, and learned that while we're doing well at managing our sensitive combination skin, we could probably be eating more orange and red vegetables to improve our coloring.

Meanwhile, the eating-style survey told us to beware of certain fat-free foods (salad dressing, peanut butter) that might make us hungrier in the long-term.

We could swear we're looking and feeling better already.

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