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We love the look of natural wood in an eclectic decor, but we're growing weary of the countless logs cut into side tables that are a favorite of design magazines. Besides, have you ever tried to move a tree stump?

Houston-based sculptor and designer George Sacaris has developed a neat solution to such weighty design problems: Faux Bois is a new collection of log and tree-stump-shaped furniture fashioned from aluminum. Sacaris, known for his large-scale public art projects, was inspired by a log-shaped concrete bench he saw on a south Texas farm.

More like individual sculptures than mass-produced furniture, these one-of-a-kind pieces can be custom-ordered in finishes ranging from brown, brushed metal to shiny, polished metal. Our favorites are the stump side table ($2,460), which also makes a charming stool, and the log bench ($1,960), which seats two comfortably.

Best of all, each piece is suitable for the rigors of the outdoors, yet is stylish and portable enough to come inside. They're available from Faux Bois or via Greener Grass Design. Who says only Mother Nature can make a tree?

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