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We love our daily deals and retailer discount emails, but sometimes seeing so much “20% off!” and “Cheap flights to Mexico!” in our in-box can feel a tad overwhelming.

Enter Azigo, a free new service that collects and aggregates e-commerce messages and stores them for browsing as you want, when you want.

Upon signing up, you’re prompted to give Azigo access to any and all of the retailer offers to which you’re currently subscribed (J.Crew, Groupon, Expedia, etc.). The site then gives you your very own Azigo email address and, from here on out, promotional messages from these brands are filtered directly there.

When you go to your personal email account, you’ll no longer see 5,000 coupons, discounts and shopping codes. But when you open Azigo, you’ll find a handy feed of all these offers, which you can read, respond to or delete as you see fit.

If you’d like, Azigo can send you a weekly summary of all your waiting deals--but, honestly, we like the idea of just going to the site when we’re actually in search of a discount.

Worried about missing an email you actually need? Fear not: Transactional emails (say, your receipt from Air France) still go to your regular in-box.

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