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Maybe you already own an Xbox 360. Maybe you?re getting one for your kid or husband for the holidays. Either way, if you?re looking to use it to burn some calories (rather than shoot some zombies), you?re going to love Nike+ Kinect Training.

Think of the new workout program as a digital trainer that works (out) in your living room, using the Kinect Sensor to integrate built-in fitness programs with your personal needs.

First, a human avatar invites you to set a fitness goal. Then, your virtual trainer guides you through an interactive assessment and builds a custom program suited to your level and the amount of time you want to put in.

The sensor monitors your body as you move and determines whether you?re using proper form. Plus, it knows if you?ve finished an exercise and waits for you to catch your breath before moving on.

Like any good trainer, Nike+ switches up your day-to-day routine and, after four weeks, updates the entire program, taking new strengths into account.

You can even make a date with a friend who also has the system and do your workouts together.

What you?ll need to get started: an Xbox360 ($200), Kinect Sensor ($100), Nike+ Kinect Training Program ($50)--and a little motivation.

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