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Keira Rathbone
Wimborne Minister Church and Nicole Kidman, by Keira Rathbone

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. But this is particularly true for British artist Keira Rathbone, who crafts expressive portraits and landscapes using nothing but a vintage typewriter.

Typewriter art is hardly a new phenomenon--it was started in the 1940s by American artist Paul Smith. But with the onset of the digital age, the technique of using letters and symbols to create realistic images seemed destined for the (art) history books.

Luckily, Rathbone has resurrected the craft using dozens of international typewriters (different alphabets are of particular value to her, since they broaden her palatte). When she works, which is almost always in public, she wears clothing from the era of the typewriter she's using, rendering the process theatrical in and of itself (click here to watch a video of her at work).

Rathbone is particularly known for her intricate portraits of celebrities like Lauren Bacall and President Obama, though we also love her still lifes and haunting renditions of nature.

Her original and commissioned works are now selling for thousands of dollars, but enthusiasts on a lower budget can purchase her large prints ($120), mini prints ($35) or charming postcard sets ($30).

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