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Plate Topper
The Plate Topper

It?s true: Intelligent innovations in kitchenware strike us as sexier than Ryan Gosling in a tuxedo.

Case in point? Three new products that greatly improve upon what might seem a given in your cabinets: the ubiquitous lid.

The Plate Topper Yes, we first saw the Plate Topper ($20) on Shark Tank, and yes, we?ve since purchased it on QVC, but the fact remains that this thing is brilliant. Because the topper creates an airtight seal over plates of all sizes, you can plop it on top of leftovers and save the hassle of dirtying clean storage containers.

Recap Mason jars may be way in, but reusing the lids they come with is kind of a pain. Recaps ($7) were born out of the desire to shake, pour and store liquids using a standard mason jar, but they?re also great for capping drinks, sauces, dressings and anything else you can think to serve quaintly.

The Square A water bottle sure seems inherently functional. But not so, say the makers of the Square ($45). This ergonomic drinking bottle has a double lid that unscrews from both ends--meaning you can actually clean all the hard-to-reach places. Plus, being a square, it won?t roll away when dropped.

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