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You love sporting outfits that showcase your travels, but you’ve got to admit that Aruba T-shirt isn’t doing your wardrobe any favors.

For a slightly subtler way to sartorially say where you’ve been, we suggest Meshu--jewelry that’s generated by where you’ve been in the world (or where you want to go).

Here’s how it works: You enter a series of addresses, zip codes or cities and the desired material for your bespoke bling (silver, nylon, acrylic or bamboo). The site then maps a topographical pattern--or “meshu”--and then turns said meshu into a gorgeous necklace, set of earrings or pair of cuff links ($68 to $145).

Even if casual observers won’t understand the mapping element, the look is remarkably on-trend. And of course you’ll always know the hidden meaning. In fact, each one-of-a-kind creation is shipped with a cute little map showcasing your coordinates. Just lay your jewelry over the map to connect the dots.

This time of year, we can’t help but think these things would make great gifts. (We crafted one for a friend featuring all of her previous addresses.) That said, you’ll want to act fast: For the jewelry to arrive by Christmas, acrylic offerings must be ordered today and bamboo ones by December 7.

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