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As web-savvy as we may be, the Internet can still prove a complicated place when it comes to maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Below, some cool, new ways to keep your online security in check, if you're worried about...

Your old accounts Got a Facebook or Hotmail account you no longer use? Delete it responsibly to keep yourself sane and to keep hackers away. New website offers simple instructions for how to get rid of accounts on sites that make the process notoriously tricky.

Your email security In the wake of several recent hacker attacks, check to see if your email address has been compromised by going to, which scans databases of hacked accounts. Even if your email turns up clean, you should still change your password with some regularity in order to stay safe.

Somebody reading your emails Do you have a nosy husband? Are you a Soviet spy? If so, you should probably send your most sensitive emails with Encipher.It, a free tool that encrypts online messages and provides a secret password which you tell your intended recipient (via phone call, text message, carrier pigeon, etc.) for instant and secure decoding.

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