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Errant whisks, stab-ready peelers, the co-mingling of knives and spoons--a kitchen utensil drawer can be a scary place.

Enter DrawerDecor's new utensil-organizing system. Despite their vaguely late-night-infomercial utility, the modular kits are surprisingly innovative and intelligent.

Designed to keep your drawers' contents from sliding around, each kit ($25) consists of a washable silicone mat and a series of dividers--which come in a number of fun, bright colors. Stick them into place as holders and barriers for silverware, can openers and other kitchen bric-a-brac.

Begin by cutting the mat to fit the inside of your drawer. Next, lay out the utensils you want in there (which, if you're anything like us, may require some editing of non-functional or melted tools) before snapping the dividers into place around them.

You can buy additional dividers should you want more separation and you can reorganize the ones you've got at any time. We also like using the non-slip mats ($14 each) on shelving, to keep dishes and pots in place.

Now if only we could bring such organization to our sock drawer, we'd be all set.

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