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You love Vincent van Gogh?s Starry Night, Thomas Cole?s sun-drenched mountains and contemporary photographer Sue de Beer?s bright portraiture, but have you ever considered what the connections between these pieces might be?

The Art Genome Project has--and the answer, in case you were wondering, is ?light as a primary artistic focus.?

Launched last month after nearly two years in the making, the project attempts to catalog and cross-reference art in surprising, challenging ways--and then makes recommendations for other art you might like (and where to see or buy it).

Using a Pandora-like algorithm developed by both art historians and computer scientists, has currently tagged more than 10,000 pieces according to features like cultural movement (American realism, computer art), subject matter (cityscapes, conflict, stolen moments) and medium (collage, photo-abstraction). In other words, if you like one painting that plays with scale, chances are you might like another.

Browse the free site by any of these tags (or ?genes?) or type in a particular artist or work to see related recommendations. For instance, our search for Jean-Michel Basquiat called up the categories ?graffiti,? ?identity politics? and ?use of wall,? and suggested we check out the work of Keith Haring, David Salle and Alice Neel.

Consider it a great way to find your next favorite artist.

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