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If you, like us, plan to balance your requisite holiday overeating with a renewed dedication to exercise, there?s a new motivational app you should add to the mix.

Yog, which was launched last week in the iTunes store, enables runners to run together virtually in real time, no matter where in the world they are.

Upon downloading the free app, you can either join or create an upcoming run. For instance, you might see that there?s a three-mile trek tomorrow at 8 a.m. Just hit ?join? and you?re added to the list. Alternately, you can schedule your own run (select a time, distance and even a custom playlist) and invite your friends or other ?yoggers? to participate.

You?ll get a reminder just before your run begins, and you?re expected to hit the pavement/treadmill/track when the clock sounds.

During your run, Yog tracks useful stats like your pace and calories burned. Plus, audio and on-screen placing notifications show your progress in relation to other runners.

In other words, if you hate competition, this may not be the app for you. But if you?ve always wanted to go a little Flo Jo on some friends (or strangers), Yog has you covered.

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