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Baileys Dedicated
Jessica O. Matthews with her invention, the sOccket. Photo courtesy of Natalie Brasington.

You wear ballet flats, yet you love rock ?n? roll. You spearhead charity dinners, but you can?t get enough of Comedy Central. You crunch numbers like a champ, all while your desk is full of fashion magazines. You never apologize for who you are.

PureWow and Baileys® Irish Cream Liqueur want to celebrate all aspects of being an amazing woman, which is why we?re so excited about our ?Spirited Women? editorial series brought to you by Baileys®.

Starting today, PureWow and Baileys will unveil five women--all of whom inspire us to be our truest selves. From a fun-loving philanthropist to a duo who decided to take the jewelry biz into their own hands, these women all embody a quintessential spirit that deserves to be celebrated.

As PureWow reveals the candidates--starting with Jessica O. Matthews, founder of Uncharted Play--you?ll get a chance to explore each woman?s background and hopefully become inspired in your own life and career. You can also share how you live a life with spirit on Baileys' Sign up and upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, etc. using the hashtag #withspirit.

Finally, in early December, PureWow and Baileys are throwing a cocktail event in New York City to personally honor these five nominees, as well as many other spirited women in the area.

As the saying goes--if you can?t beat 'em, join 'em.

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