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SnailMail my Email
Emails that have been "snail-mailed"

You send a lot of emails. Often your messages are intelligent. Sometimes they’re spelled correctly. Occasionally they’re entirely uppercase. But rarely do they convey the same import as an honest-to-goodness letter.

This week, you’re invited to transform one message you’d ordinarily send by email into a lovely handwritten note, thanks to Ivan Cash’s Snail Mail My Email project.

Here’s how it works: Through Friday, email Cash ( any message (up to 100 words) that you’d otherwise send digitally, along with the intended recipient’s physical address. Cash and his team will then handwrite and artistically interpret said message and mail it off, totally free of charge. You can request one custom feature (a doodle, a spray of perfume, a lipstick kiss, etc.), but it’s up to the artists to visually realize the emails as they see fit.

Cash, a designer and former advertising guru, first launched the project for a limited time last year, and some of his most exquisite letters can found on his website and in his new book. We love the variety of artistic styles employed, which range from intricate to childlike to just plain charming.

But more than anything, we love the idea of treating a friend to a special piece of physical mail.

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