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So the election is over and you’re either thrilled or disappointed or just plain thankful to have all the campaigning over and done with. Regardless, we can now finally get back to the actual issues affecting our country.

One way to get your opinions heard in Congress (if not by the president himself) is PopVox, a new nonpartisan online platform for learning about and supporting bills on the hill.

After signing up (it’s free), you can browse all the bills that are currently in Congress or the House of Representatives and see what’s trending among other PopVox users. The explanations of each bill--say the oh-so-timely National Hurricane Research Initiative Act or the American Jobs Act--are pretty transparent, and you can always click to to get more information.

Once you’ve determined your stance, you can easily see how your local representatives have traditionally voted on the issue and send them a quick note with your support or opposition.

PopVox assures users that all messages will reach the appropriate legislators, and if you’re willing to share your personal information, you might even get a thoughtful response from one.

Politics as usual? We think not.

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