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The idea that certain workout clothes actually aid in our exercise has always struck us as slightly suspect. After all, we?re pretty sure we cardio spin just as hard no matter what socks we?re wearing, and we definitely don?t buy that a sauna shirt will make us lose anything more than water weight.

Then we discovered W8Fit and were forced to reconsider.

This new fitness apparel line lets you add an extra element of weight training to your routine just by getting dressed. How? Well, each piece of clothing comes with nifty little weights you slip into a pocket in the lining, thus upping resistance as you go about your workout.

Founded by a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, W8Fit offers a handful of tops ($52 to $56) and bottoms ($74 to $86) designed to boost fat-burning potential and sculpt areas like the upper back and butt. The weights come in half-pound ($10) and quarter-pound ($5) versions and can be swapped in and out as you build endurance.

The company also sells cute, washable arm cuffs ($19 to $22) for those looking for even more resistance.

Not that you don?t look awesome power-walking with those soup cans.

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