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The JoeyBra

We love crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter for browsing up-and-coming inventions/companies/weird plywood reclining chairs. We sometimes even contribute to particularly promising campaigns. Still, it can be a bummer to discover that so many genius products can?t actually be purchased until significantly more funding comes through.

Enter, the first marketplace for successfully funded Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that you can actually order or preorder right now.

From flip-flops that simulate the sensation of walking on grass ($35) to a magnetic vertical garden ($15 to $175) to a new line of single-varietal jam ($12), the items found on Outgrow are all innovative in nature and available only in limited quantities (meaning you?ll be among the first of your friends to own an $80 ?ostrich pillow? napping hood).

Novelty items aside, we love some of the legitimately innovative stuff on the site. The JoeyBra with a built-in pocket ($20) strikes us as a super-smart way to hide valuables, while the Stack Soap ($12.50 for a six-pack) just might be the most clever bathroom item since the shower caddy: It enables you to graft tiny slivers of soap onto a fresh bar.

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