You dine at the hottest restaurants, subscribe to all the food glossies and are given to gawking at top chefs in the same way other women fawn over A-list celebrities.

Food journalist, cookbook tournament cocreator and all-around food lover Charlotte Druckman shares your culinary obsessions. And in her insightful new book, she delves into an often-ignored element of the food industry: the lives of prestigious female chefs. In Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen, Druckman goes behind kitchen doors to discover what drives female chefs to cook day after day.

Each chapter covers a single topic (like culinary education or the meaning of the word chef) and introduces the challenges that female chefs face in today’s modern kitchen--think motherhood, money and media exposure.

Telling thoughts from rock-star chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton and Christina Tosi satisfied our food-celeb voyeurism. But what really kept us reading were the compelling stories of women under the gun. “Grill Bitch” Beth Aretsky’s recollections of fighting gender discrimination in culinary school--and beyond--had us totally inspired (and really glad we never worked in Anthony Bourdain’s kitchen).

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