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From how your favorite dress was designed to where your grocer sources his amazing cheeses, you love learning the stories behind the things you buy.

The folks at Millstone® agree, which is why they treat their premium coffee as a narrative rather than just a cup of joe.

Each Millstone® blend begins in the lush mountainside of the Arabica coffee estate. Once handpicked by local farmers, the beans are dried and slow-roasted to reach their peak flavor. Next, they?re quickly cooled with a touch of moisture, which halts the roasting process just as the desired flavor character is achieved. Finally, there?s the part where art meets science: The beans are blended and ground, then evaluated by tasting professionals for body, aroma, acidity, flavor and balance.

And that?s where you come in. When you choose from Millstone?s® more than 30 blends, you?re telling your own part of the story. Maybe you?re a Mountain Moonlight® goddess. Maybe you?re a Pumpkin Spice® kind of lady. Maybe you want to mix and match to create a unique blend just for you. Either way, it?s your cup and your choice.

So get to your local grocer and start your Millstone® journey today.

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