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Crowdsourcing can sometimes feel unnecessarily trendy. After all, do we really need our Twitter followers to weigh in on our lunch order?

That said, there are aggregators of collective wisdom that can prove legitimately useful--for instance, these three new websites all designed to poll the masses:

Gogobot Operating under the assumption that the best travel advice comes from people you know, this trip-planning site searches your various networks (Facebook, Foursquare, etc.) to see which of your friends have visited a specific destination and taps them for recommendations. Bonus points for a slick, user-friendly interface.

Consmr Ever wish you could extend the democracy of Yelp to the world of dish soap? Neither did we until we discovered Consmr, a rather addictive new website and iPhone app that lets you see which drugstore and supermarket items are most beloved (and hated) by the masses. Scan any product’s bar code to read reviews or post your own.

Plukka An interesting addition to the e-commerce space, this new website offers lovely high-end jewelry via a creative sales model: Products are made only if a certain (varying) number of customers commits to purchasing them--and the price drops with every new pledge.

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