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In the world of mobile apps, there are so many self-proclaimed problem solvers (apps for locating your misplaced keys, apps for unsubscribing from junk mail) that one with the lone goal of edification can get a little lost.

That said, we?re very glad to have found DailyArt, a super-simple, super-pleasing platform for learning about one artistic masterpiece per day.

After you download the free iPhone or Android app, DailyArt will begin sending you one classic work of art every day via push notification. You can zoom in on the painting or sculpture to see it up close, tap on the piece?s name to learn about the work and artist, and swipe backward to see previous offerings.

In our one week with the app, we?ve perused pieces that are both famous and little known (to us, at least).

We began by discovering Klimt protégé Egon Schiele. Next we read about the mistress/muse who allegedly sent Renaissance master Raphael to an early grave after one particularly exhausting night. Most recently, we enjoyed a favorite--Seurat?s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-1886)--and learned that it comprises 3,456,000 dots.

Pull that one out at your next cocktail party.

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