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Your book club tore through Gone Girl, devoured Wild and now needs something equally compelling to read. Keep the discussions lively with these new offerings--and be sure to sign up for PureWow’s forthcoming, once-a-week Books & Authors edition for more great picks.

The Great American Novel Mark our words: The newest book from the ever-gutsy A.M. Homes is unparalleled. Poignant, funny and brutally honest, May We Be Forgiven follows a foundering Nixon scholar through his wild suburban escapades as he attempts to put his fractured family back together. Think Updike meets the Coen brothers with a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

The Big-Think Book In the wake of the recession, journalist Hanna Rosin has discovered a startling fact: By almost every measure, women have pulled ahead of men. In her thoughtful, controversial and often funny The End of Men, Rosin explores how women remade the economy (hint: they’re willing to take lower-paying jobs), why the education gap matters and how both genders can adapt in the 21st century.

The Paperback Reissue If you missed The Marriage Plot in hardcover, be sure to pick up the less-hefty paperback release, available now. The love-triangle narrative is thoroughly gripping, and Jeffrey Eugenides’s descriptions of infatuation, rejection and early-twenties ennui are achingly familiar.

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