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You don’t need us to tell you that wallpaper is de rigueur. That said, if we see another chevron or twee bird print, we just might scream.

But before you go into hipster-pattern overload, allow us to suggest a more unexpected option: Spoonflower, a website for crafters and decor lovers, has just launched a design-it-yourself wallpaper and decal service, enabling aspiring designers (that’s you) to turn their visual creations into one-of-a-kind removable wallpaper.

The way it works is extremely gratifying. Just upload a photo and behold as Spoonflower transforms it into a repeating wallpaper pattern, which you can preview as it would look in an actual room. Adjust things like the size and nature of the repeat (basic, half-drop, half-brick, mirror), and once you’re happy, purchase by the 2-by-12-foot roll ($60) or in a custom size ($5 per linear foot).

You can also turn your fabulous creations into peel-and-stick decals ($5 to $30, depending on size), which are great for walls, dressers and the like. Plus, since the wallpapers and decals are self-adhesive, they’re easy to both apply and take down.

No desire to be the next Joy Cho? Fear not: You can also shop a slew of lovely ready-made designs.

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