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Our brows are dripping. Our ACs are humming. It may still be June, but sweaty summer days--and nights--have officially arrived.

The good news? New bedding solutions specifically designed to keep those nights cool no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

For starters, if the thought of your old jersey sheets brings on preemptive heat rash, try outfitting your mattress in new SHEEX crisply cold "performance linens" ($140 to $220), which were created by two women's basketball coaches inspired by their players' uniforms. The microfiber blend feels like silky bedding, but works like quick-drying athletic gear to transfer body heat and wick away sweat. Plus, they look as luxurious as any high-thread-count linen out there.

Along the same lines, get to the root of the steamy bed problem with a mattress pad made to keep you cool. Outlast's version ($89) is lined with "Thermocule" (incidentally the same technology behind Jockey's new Staycool underwear line), a material that absorbs body heat, thus regulating skin and bed temperature--no matter what sheets or blankets you're using.

Finally, serial pillow-flippers have something to celebrate: The Polar Pillow ($99) might sound infomercial-ish, but actually works remarkably well (thanks to a layer of endothermic gel that keeps hot heads cool regardless of room temperature).

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