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Over the years, you?ve probably sent or been sent gazillions of digital photos. Some of these you?ve dutifully downloaded, printed, or uploaded to Facebook. Others you?ve probably just let sit indefinitely in your email in-box, which--in the Internet world--is as good as lost at sea.

Not so, says the new app Lost Photos, which trolls your email and resurrects every picture hidden therein.

After downloading the $3 app for Mac or Windows, all you have to do is sign in with your Gmail, Yahoo, .Mac or MobileMe account. Lost Photos then begins searching your email folders for photos you?ve sent or received and displays each pic in an easy-to-navigate slideshow.

Though the recovery process isn?t instantaneous (it took about 20 minutes for the app to go through our eight years? worth of Gmail ephemera), it is extremely accurate and intuitive. You can easily save long-lost photos to your computer, share them on Facebook or Twitter, email them to friends or delete those unflattering shots that should never see the light of day.

Consider it the easy shortcut to memory lane.

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