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Cord concealers
Clockwise from left: Wirebloom nail-in clips, Cable drop clips, BlueLounge StudioDesk

OK, so you've got a lot of gadgets. That's no reason to let their cords and chargers run amok. Instead, take action against messy tech gear with these new ways to simplify your workspace.

Organize Keep wires untangled by holding them firmly (and attractively) in place with a weighted cord organizer. We like the sleek and modern Pinza Clamp ($26), the playfully pink Cordies Classic ($10) and the go-nowhere Cable Drop Clip ($12 for six), which is great for keeping cords from sliding off the table after you've unplugged your devices. Alternately, Wirebloom's adorable bird and flower nail-in clips ($10) tame those eyesores at floor level.

Conceal If you can't make something look good...hide it. And considering surge protectors rarely look good, we suggest camouflaging with IKEA's mountable Signum Cable Organizer ($6), or simply buying a strip that mounts to the back of your desk, like this Belkin version ($41).

Rethink your desk Say goodbye to techno-clutter altogether with a desk that does the work for you. We've recently noticed a handful of cool cord-hiding tables, but our favorite is the minimalist StudioDesk ($600) whose top slyly opens to reveal a hidden storage compartment--great for stowing power strips and USB hubs--out of which cords can enter and exit.

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