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Reservation and customer-service lines can seem a little outmoded. After all, in this day and age, shouldn?t you be able to text your request to the company in question?

Now you can, thanks to the new website and iPhone/Android app TalkTo, which enables users to communicate with practically any company in America via SMS.

Upon visiting the site or downloading the free app, you find businesses by typing in a name and location--for instance ?Harbor Fitness? and ?Brooklyn, NY.? Next, plug in your question (we asked if Angela would be teaching Pilates on Thursday and if it was too late to sign up for spin) and behold as TalkTo relays your query by chat, text or even a good old-fashioned phone call.

When TalkTo receives an answer (in our case, ?yes? and ?no,? respectively) they?ll alert you via text, email or push notification, and the average response time is about five minutes.

While not every business can be reached through the app, we?ve found that many, many are. As for how to use it: In the past week we?ve received help making dinner reservations, checking on parking regulations and finding out if a local store carried a specific shoe in our size.

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