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Keeping the truth straight this election cycle is tricky--particularly amidst all the news pundits and ?concerned citizens? trying to push their own agendas. Luckily, we?ve found three free new apps that give the facts and skip the spin.

Super PAC App This remarkably cool app helps you determine who is paying for presidential campaign ads--and why--just by holding your iPhone up to the TV. Using the same sound-recognition technology as Shazam, the Super PAC App will instantly tell you who?s behind the television spot, how much they spent, what their objectives are and to what extent the ad?s claims are true.

PollTracker Who?s up? Who?s down? Who?s got the best gain on swing-state middle-aged libertarians? This new iPhone app offers up-to-the-minute poll numbers (averaged from sources like Gallup and Rasmussen) for both national and local races, broken down by things like gender, issue and voter subgroup.

Settle It! The Pulitzer Prize?winning PolitiFact is widely considered the fact-checking authority, so it?s no surprise that their new iPhone and Android app is so great for easily learning the truth. The next time you want to know about a specific Romney or Obama claim, just look it up by name, keyword or subject and get the straight story.

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