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Wall Decals
Clockwise from left: Hommu, Shanna Murray and WALLTAT decals

As a style-conscious home decor maven, you already know that wallpaper is back in vogue and that bold, graphic designs are a smart way to liven up a naked wall.

You might be less familiar, though, with removable wall decals, which combine these two concepts in surprising and often cost-effective ways.

Though there's no shortage of online vendors, we're hot on new, Barcelona-based Hommu, whose self-adhesive offerings have a peppy, illustrative vibe. We love, for instance, this cabinet-friendly bottles print ($64)--great for adding whimsy to your kitchen--as well as the 70s-ish raindrops ($78), which can be hung as a single piece or peeled apart for individual placing.

Along the same lines, WALLTAT has tons of clever wall-stickers, ranging from small and subtle to big and bold. The website is extremely comprehensive--think frosted bathroom mosaics ($69), baroque chandeliers ($69) and charming, kid-friendly cutouts ($49)--but if you don't see what you're after, they also do custom creations.

Finally, don't be afraid to go a little off the wall. Try a 3-D decal, like these handmade butterflies ($36). Or combine flat, vinyl images with 3-D objects, à la Shanna Murray's gorgeous mirror and decal kit ($40).

What's the worst that could happen? They're removable.

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