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Your end-of-summer ladies? weekend was a total blast, as is evidenced by the 12,000 photos you and your friends collectively took.

The best way to share said photos? Well, you could go the public route and upload them to Facebook. Or you could email them individually, which is private but totally time-intensive.

Or you could try Moshpic, a free new app for easily syncing photo albums between iPhones.

The way it works is simple. Upon downloading, you create a ?stack? of photos by selecting shots directly from your iPhone?s camera roll. Next, you choose folks to send the stack to (anyone from your contacts is fair game, though they?ll need to have Moshpic in order to see the shots). Finally, you behold as your album is instantly transferred to all of your eager pals.

Once a stack has been sent out, any of the recipients can add to it--making it great for post-trip group recaps--and you can easily download and save any photos from the batch.

Though we wish there were a way to include Android devotees as well as iPhone users (hey, maybe in the next version?), we can?t deny that the whole thing is awfully efficient.

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