We've all used the phrase "that looks good enough to eat" at some point, but the expression rings true in Delicious Jewels ($75), the new cookbook from German jewelry company Hemmerle. The accessories brand had the genius idea to showcase their new garden-inspired collection alongside recipes, making for a look book that's a cut above the rest.

Known for its unique, gemstone-based concepts, the house of Hemmerle has been designing exquisite baubles for more than a century. The aesthetic of their designs--traced back to diamond-encrusted iron from 19th-century Berlin--lends itself perfectly to a book that's both elegant and epicurean.

Tapping the talent of chef Tamasin Day-Lewis, Hemmerle has fashioned a literal feast for the eyes with one chic cookbook, featuring ingredients like jade peas, ruby turnips and copper carrots. For a summer picnic, we suggest the cauliflower salad with tahini dressing, while the lobster risotto is ideal for a hungrier crowd.

Finally, a book that plays to all of our tastes.

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