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The weekly accounting meeting is too long. The vacation policy stinks. Your inept, mouth-breathing office-mate is driving you to an early grave.

There are all sorts of things you?d love to tell your boss anonymously. Luckily, a free new service--aptly named Tell Your Boss Anything--helps you do just that.

Think of this month-old website as a virtual version of the classic suggestion box. Upon signing up, an employee is prompted to enter their own email address, their boss?s email address and a thoughtful message about whatever is bugging them. The site then delivers said message to said manager, who can view the complaint and reply in kind, all without knowing who they?re actually talking to.

Because the site promotes an open, honest policy from the ground up, it?s also a smart tool for bosses who want to solicit feedback. Just plug in your employees? email addresses, send out a question to your troops and receive anonymous responses.

The site will reveal the identity of anyone who is flagged as offensive or violent (leave the four-letter words at home), and of course working at a bigger company affords more anonymity. In other words, a three-employee mom-and-pop business might not be the place to try this out.

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