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The She Fell
"Then She Fell"; photo by Adam Jason Photography

While we?re inherently suspicious of ?theater trends? (say, experimental puppetry), it?s hard to deny that immersive theater--performance that involves the audience directly in the narrative--is awfully cool.

The New York City?based dream noir Sleep No More continues to set the standard, but here are a few other cities getting in on the action.

Brooklyn The rabbit hole is made real in the forthcoming Then She Fell, which is set and staged in an abandoned Greenpoint hospital. Only 15 audience members are admitted at a time to this multisensory experience based loosely on the life and writings of Lewis Carroll. $85; through November 18

Philadelphia Our pick for this year?s Live Arts festival: an adaptation of Strindberg?s Ghost Sonata, in which viewers walk amongst vampiric cooks, wet-nurse ghosts and one very confused, messianic student. $10; through September 16

San Francisco Sugar High, a new San Francisco Fringe ?experience,? takes audience members on a two-hour theatrical bus ride through the city--inspired by Beckett, Brecht, Sartre and Mexican wrestling. $10; through September 15

London Olivier-award-winning performance artist Marisa Carnesky brings the tarot deck to life in her new interactive play, in which contortionists and mimes tell your fortune beneath an old subway station. $32; through September 15

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