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We all know that soda isn't the best thing for our health. Happily, these artisanal companies are bottling tasty varieties without a drop of the high-fructose corn syrup found in mass-market brands. The result is a refreshing change of pace.

We never realized how gingery ginger ale can taste until we tried Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale. Like the name suggests, the ale is packed with fresh ginger and the only other ingredients are citric acid and cane sugar. Ginger also gives the drink a dose of vitamin C--so we can tell ourselves we're sipping health juice ($7 for a four-pack).

Seattle-based bubbly company Dry Soda only uses fruit and herb extracts (and a touch of pure cane sugar) in their line of seven distinctive flavors, resulting in all-natural sodas that keep sweetness at a minimum. We love the latest addition, blood orange, and their most popular flavor, lavender ($19 for a 12-pack). Check out the site for recommended food pairings (the lemongrass goes great with shellfish).

The name may sound suggestive, but Hot Lips soda is pure goodness: Fruits are picked at the peak of their harvest and brewed with water, cane sugar and organic lemon juice. Flavors are available on a seasonal basis--cherry and black raspberry in the summer, apple and pear in the fall--and customers can build their own six-packs ($11). Genius.

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