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Childhood fairy tales, romantic poetry, Freudian analysis: Sleep has always fascinated the world’s greatest writers. Now, three new outstanding books--for dreamers of all ages--are further illuminating this mystical experience.

Dreamland When journalist David K. Randall developed a sleepwalking problem, he decided to delve deeply into the strange and often misunderstood science of slumber. His resulting book is a compulsively readable look (in the vein of Mary Roach) at everything from why we need nightmares to how sleep deprivation loses wars to the differences between the male and female dreamscape.

Every Day Young-adult fiction often has crossover appeal, and David Levithan (best known for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) is a great example that this can happen sans vampires or wizards. His newest novel, about a young boy who “jumps” bodies as he sleeps and wakes up each morning in a different host, is poignant and compelling for teens and adults alike.

The Insomniacs Every so often, we come across a children’s book with total staying power. The Insomniacs, about a family who will try anything to fall asleep, is such an instant classic. Think gorgeously macabre, Edward Gorey–like illustrations and a gothic charm that calls to mind Tim Burton.

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