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In case you live on Mars, we’ll alert you to the fact that we’re facing a tumultuous upcoming election. But even if you’re politically savvy, it can still be tough to know where the candidates actually stand.

Here to help is ElectNext, a free new website for determining which candidates share your views.

Upon signing up, you begin by choosing the issues you find most important (education, health care, gay rights, economy, etc.). You’re then asked to rate how strongly you feel about various statements--things like “The federal government should invest in alternative energy” and “Purchase and possession of firearms is a constitutional right.”

There are tons of stances to weigh in on (we enjoyed the thoroughness and being prompted to think about controversial issues), but you can take a break at any point and click to see your “matches,” by which ElectNext means the national and local candidates whose views are most similar to yours. Browse their stances on each individual issue, learn how to get involved in their campaigns and click to see why you didn’t jibe with others in the running.

Even if you already know who will get your vote, ElectNext is a useful tool for solidifying your political opinions.

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