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If you're like us, you've heard of Google Goggles, without fully understanding what this free "image recognition" app actually does.

A lot, it turns out. Below, the coolest ways we've found to use it:

Business card recognition The latest Goggles update has pretty much perfected this neat trick. Use your phone to snap a picture of any business card and the app instantly loads all relevant contact info into your digital address book.

Menu translation Though we're currently keen on a number of new translation tools, we particularly love Goggles' specificity: Once your phone is pointed at a block of text, you can highlight the exact words you want translated into any number of languages in real time.

Visual sommelier Ever fall in love with a bottle of wine at a restaurant and want to learn more about it? Now you can by holding up your phone to the label for product info (vineyard, reviews, etc.) and locations of nearby stores that carry it.

Puzzle finishing And in the category of procrastination tools, the next time your Sudoku puzzle has you stumped, you'll be thrilled to know you can have Google solve it for you just by taking a picture.

They don't call it a smart phone for nothing.

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