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That $300 raincoat you?ve been ogling? Totally a smart investment?once it hits the 50-percent-off rack.

But keeping tabs on when items go on sale can be a full-time job. So until our boss wants to pay us for discount shopping, we?ll be using Hukkster, a new Web tool that monitors price reductions on our behalf.

After signing up (the site is still in beta, so you have to request an invite), add the ?Hukk It? extension to your bookmarks, right next to where your ?Pin It? icon lives. Then, whenever you see something you want cheaper, click that ?Hukk It? button and enter the item?s current price as well as how much you?d like it discounted (25 percent or 50 percent). If the price drops, Hukkster will alert you via text or e-mail and give you the option to buy the item on the spot. You can also log in anytime to check your Hukks and buy stuff you?re sick of waiting on.

We?ve been using it primarily for fashion purchases, but Hukkster has also partnered with nonapparel websites like Best Buy and Williams-Sonoma.

In other words, your days of paying retail might finally be over.

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