We love reclaimed wood as much as the next design maven, but our access to old barn doors and weathered shutters is surprisingly limited.

Enter Stikwood, an ingenious new peel-and-stick product that helps you easily cheat the look of distressed planking.

Using reclaimed wood as a veneer, this Sacramento-based company produces solid planks with adhesive backs that stick to walls, ceilings, furniture, beams and other flat surfaces in a totally convincing fashion. Just cut the boards to your desired sizes, peel off the backing, press into place and firmly secure with the help of a paint roller.

We?re particularly obsessed with the patchwork salvage vibe--say, the reclaimed barrel oak ($200 for 20 square feet) placed in a randomized horizontal pattern. That said, Stikwood?s design options are pretty much endless. A chevron application of the red barn finish ($240 for 40 square feet) would be great as a statement-making accent wall. And an Ikea table can be totally transformed using the reclaimed weathered wood ($320 for 40 square feet).

As an earthier, warmer home aesthetic comes back into vogue (buh-bye chrome finish), we love having an easy way to channel the look without enduring a full-on renovation.

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